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5 week old puppies!

>>>> puppy panorama <<<<

It's been a long time since our last pupdate here on the blog! We hope you and your family have remained safe, healthy, and well throughout the craziness that has been 2020 thus far.

In case you haven't heard via our Facebook or Instagram pages, Liberty and Daryl's puppies arrived in May. All 10 of them! 5 girls and 5 boys. Basically the perfect litter. ;-)

They have been growing so fast and are such a joy. Now that their little personalities are developing, we'd like to officially introduce you to... the terrific ten!

(And yes, they are all spoken for. Be sure to complete our Puppy Questionnaire if you'd like to be considered for our waiting list.)

Mr. Black

A whopping 6 lbs 8 oz, this is our big guy! Mr. Black has an adorable little face. He loves to wrestle and play, and isn't afraid to check out something new or explore a new area of the yard all on his own... and he loves to chew on your toes when you're not looking!

Mr. Green

I call him Houdini. A real sweetie, and definitely our most adventurous pup, he was the first to climb out of the puppy pen (three times)... always gotta keep an eye on this fearless little dude, lest something like the situation below befall him... LOL. (Don't worry, he was fine and hasn't attempted to climb through the hose again since.)

Miss Yellow

Mellow Yellow? No. Incorrect. Miss Yellow is as playful as they come. She LOVES to run, and play, and run, and play, and run, and play... you get the idea! She was the first to try and get the big dogs to play with her, and loves to chase after them wherever they go.

Miss Pink

This girl is a sweetheart. She loves to play, loves to eat, loves to snuggle, and loves to wrestle. She pretty much just loves life. All of it. She also likes to try and dump over the water dish. Every. Single. Time. So, she'll probably be a water baby.

Mr. Blue

This guy is Mr. Chill. His love of play is mirrored most by his love of naps! One of the more easy going in the crew, he's still loves to run and wrestle, especially with Mr. Black. He's also a big fan of splashing in the water dish.

Mr. Teal

A boy who loves to eat and stands like a triumphant conqueror atop the muffin tray post lunch! First to the tray and usually the last to leave, Mr. Teal loves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He also loves snacks. Mr. Teal is the spitting image of "Murphy" from our Liberty/Ruckus litter, including his precious little "nosehawk" (little mohawk of hair at the tip of his nose).

Miss Purple

Our biggest girl at 6 lb 4 oz, Miss Purple is another lover of life. She loves to snuggle and give kisses and like Mr. Teal, is a passionate eater, whom you will generally find with her entire head submerged in the muffin tray. Also, we're pretty certain "paw" and "high five" are going to be her favorite tricks...

Miss Brown

This little munchkin is full of bounce. She runs, plays, and bounces-bounces-bounces all about the yard, always seeking a new friend and a new adventure. Like Miss Yellow, she loves to "play" with the big dogs. She is also the darkest shade of gold in this litter.

Mr. Red

Our second largest boy, this guy is always on the move! Until he's ready for a nap, and then it is lights out world! Mr. Red loves to take his breaks by sitting in your lap and will likely grow up loving cuddles. And of course, being all puppy, he's also a big fan of puppy wrestles.

Miss Orange

Our petite little princess, Miss Orange is the smallest of the bunch at 5 lbs 6 oz. She loves to give kisses, loves to be snuggled, loves to run and play... she's a sweetheart wrapped up in a bundle of cuteness with an adorable little face! She's also got an adverturous side and was the first to attempt to get through the doggie door, with Mr. Green, of course.

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