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Products we Recommend

Please note the following:

1) If you are feeding a premium brand of dog food (such as Purina Pro Plan, Hill's  Science Diet or something similar) you do not need to supplement your dog's diet. We supplement our dogs and puppies strategically for specific needs.


2) We do not recommend any supplements whatsoever for your pregnant or nursing females and/or for males in the 2 weeks leading up to mating. Premium dog food yes, supplements no.


3) We use each of the products below with one or all of our dogs on a regular basis. We believe in rotating foods and supplements so that the body best responds and processes the health benefits of each. (So categories like joint supplements, probiotics, etc. have multiple recommendations.) We are also "affiliates" with several of the companies selling products listed below, and may receive a commission as a result of your purchase(s). Thank you!

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Purina Pro Plan logo.png

Bor-L-Immune from Sustenance Herbs is our favorite way to prevent and treat tick borne illnesses! 

We also recommend:

Vetality Naturals Products

Canine Matrix Turkey Tail Powder.jpg

Boost your dog's immune system and fight potential cancer cells with this super (dog) food supplement!

Fieldcrest Farms Bully Sticks.jpg

The best, all natural alternative to rawhide, from Fieldcrest:
Bully Sticks

Bully Crunchers

And Cow Ears - trust me, it's worth it to buy them in bulk!


For young, growing puppies & older retired dogs, we love

Phycox & Phytoflex

Duralactin & Cosequin

NuJoint DS (code: 220840)

Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil.jpg

Wild Alaska Fish Oils are our favorites in:

Salmon | Pollock

Also recommend Zesty Paws

Probiotics & Vitamins

We recommend rotating both your dog's probiotics and vitamins for best absorption and health benefits. Rotating products will help your dog's body fully process each supplement. At first sign of any gastrointestinal issues we immediately utilize Forti Flora, Greek Yogurt, and pumpkin puree. Please consult your veterinarian for any continued straining, constipation, suspected blockages, bloody stools or prolonged diarrhea. 


FortiFlora is the veterinary standard in probiotics.

Tablets | Powder Packets

NuVet Plus Wafers.jpg

FDA Lab produced

Human Grade

Use code: 220840 for 1st order

We give 1-2x per week

Probiotic Max.jpg
Vetericyn All-In Puppy Essentials.jpg
Pumpkin puree.jpg

100% pumpkin puree (NOT pumpkin pie filling) is THE all-natural digestive aid for your dogs and puppies.

Zesty Paws 8-in-1 Bites.jpg

Multifunctional supplement for dogs and puppies.

We give 1-2x per week.

General Supplies

From agility tunnels to slip leads to bath time... here are a few of our favorite supplies for both our dogs and our puppies.

Stainless Steel Slow Feeder Bowl.jpg
Vetericyn Ear Rinse.jpg

If your dog loves water, you will fight ear infections. Vetericyn's ear rinse has proven the most effective of many we have tried.


2 door crate with divider

Crate cover (den-like feeling)

Gunner Kennels - crash rated & great for travel! Contact us for a 5-10% discount (based on product(s) purchased).

Burts bees shampoo.jpg

Lumo Brush - our favorite!

EarthBath puppy shampoo; code


for 15% off your purchase

Dog shampoo

K9 II Dryer - will change your grooming life forever.

Snuggle Puppy.jpg

The Love Snuggle Puppy, a modern alternative to classic "ticking clock" to help your puppy adjust to new home.

Chuck It squeaky balls.jpg

Visit our Amazon store for additional product recommendations!

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