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Our puppies
Lady Liberty Golden Retriever Puppy

We are a hobby breeder, formerly located in Las Vegas, NV (licensed by Clark County permit #A19-066872), now in Central Pennsylvania (license #18162) with very limited breedings. We raise happy, healthy, well socialized puppies whose parents live in our home and with whom we regularly compete in AKC events. Our dogs are first and foremost our family and pets.

Each of our dogs are AKC registered, have OFA and/or Penn-HIP clearances as required by our membership in the Golden Retriever Club of America, are free from known hereditary genetic defects, and are shown in AKC sanctioned events in conformation, obedience, agility, rally, coursing, and dock diving.

Our dogs are part of our family. They hike with us, play with us, and yes, usually sleep on our beds. They love to give love and be loved. They are exactly what we hoped our goldens would be - the perfect family dogs...

Our story
Liberty Golden Retrievers Las Vegas

When I was 6 years old, my parents golden retriever, Brittney, had a litter of puppies. Instantly, I was in love. With all of them. But much to my chagrin, my parents told me we couldn't keep them all because there were many other families who were looking for an amazing dog like we had.



I could keep Lady. Lady was my best friend for 12 years. Lady passed away peacefully in her sleep when I was 18 years old, leaving me absolutely heartbroken.


That void remained until 2016 when I travelled to Colorado Springs for a bouncy, fluffy puppy we named Lady Liberty...

Our breed
Lady Liberty Golden Retriever

Unlike my Lady who epitomized the gentle, graceful, always-cuddly golden retriever, Lady Liberty was (and still is) the bouncy,  independent, always-wanting-to-play with her humans type.

These two girls represent what every Golden Retriever lover knows - these dogs adore their humans... and their personalities take many different forms! 

Golden Retrievers require a great deal of love and commitment. Unlike many other breeds, they are "puppies" for the first 2-3 years of their life. Your puppy will be a "sporting" dog and need LOTS of attention and activity as he or she grows... as the saying goes, "a tired golden is a well behaved golden!" (We encourage every potential buyer to read through the Golden Retriever Club of America's "Is a Golden Retriever Right for You?" prior to making a decision.)


That said, every puppy is different and some golden puppies, like my Lady, have calmer personalities than others. On our puppy buyer questionnaire, please be sure to indicate the type of personality you're looking for so we can help connect you with the best puppy for your family.

Liberty Golden Retrievers
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