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2018 Puppy Photoshoot!

Our good friend Rose Finley of The Focus Photography visited us last weekend and took the most amazing pictures of Liberty and Bear's litter of golden retriever puppies!

We absolutely love the personalities she's captured in these incredible shots. Each of our little goldens have been a joy to raise and it's been so exciting to watch them develop their individualities in the past several weeks.

Enjoy the images below of our puppies at 6 weeks old and be sure to check out the individual post and gallery for each pup via the link under his or her name.

Mr. Green

Visit Mr. Green's individual gallery

Mr. Teal

Visit Mr. Teal's individual gallery

Mr. Black

Visit Mr. Black's individual gallery

Mr. Blue

Visit Mr. Blue's individual gallery

Mr. Red

Visit Mr. Red's individual gallery

Mr. Orange

Visit Mr. Orange's individual gallery

Miss Pink

Visit Miss Pink's individual gallery

Miss Purple

Visit Miss Purple's individual gallery

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