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Pups with personality!

These fabulous four are growing, growing, growing... and are just TOO CUTE for words!

While they are developing their personalities, this little pack can be simply defined with a single word: sweet. The incredibly sweet and gentle disposition of each of this litter's puppies is amazing! They are an absolute joy to raise.

We've begun working on potty training - pray for us! ;-) - and thus far, house breaking is going remarkably well. We're still working on finding the right times to take them out during the night, but are confident they'll catch on soon.

And now, the part you've been waiting for... meet the puppies and their personalities!

Captain America

He's our little snowball, a big white fluffy puppy who loves to bound and play. If puppies had a theme song, he'd be singing "I want to be where the people are..." alongside Ariel every moment of every day. This guy LOVES people and gives more kisses than the cuteness meter can handle!

Iron Pup

Mr. Red is our middle of the road fella. The biggest of the gang, he's both playful and laid back, and always looking for a new adventure. Always on the move, this little boy will find a way... whether its crawling under the pool fence or climbing out of his box - the world needs to be explored, and he means to be sure that it is!


This puppy is the embodiment of "chill". He loves to run and bound and play, but is just as happy to simply sit in your lap and enjoy a good belly rub. It appears he'll have a strong, show build, and he sports a little spike of hair on his nose which has been there since birth. (So cute!) Spidey is a big lover of naps and can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.


This girl is sugar and spice and everything nice! She's spunky, mischievous, and fun loving... while also sporting a beautiful gait and sweet disposition. The smallest of our crew, she's not afraid to jump into the boys wrestling matches and loves to follow the "big dogs" (Mom & Belle) around.

Annnnnnd... some bonus shots from our 5 week old photo shoot!

Thanks to our friend, Charity, for the amazing photos! Enjoy!

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