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Pups with Personality! 4 weeks old!

Mr. Blue

What an exciting week for our puppies! In the last 7 days, the crew has become fully confident in their abilities to run, bark, and wrestle. They're now eating solid foods twice a day, drinking water from their bucket, learning to potty outside or on the newspaper in their box, and beginning to play with both toys and each other.

This week has also seen the development of their unique personalities. It has been exciting to watch as they each come into their own, and though we know their personalities will continue to develop and change in the coming weeks... we'd love to take this opportunity to introduce you to a first look at our golden retriever puppies distinct personalities!

Mr. Green

Mr. Green was 1 lb at birth. He quickly became our biggest pup and now weighs in at 5 lbs 13 oz! He's our gentle giant, a real lover who's obsessed with giving kisses, and will likely grow to be a light gold to moderate golden brown at maturity.

Miss Purple

Miss Purple is our little princess! She weighed in at just 12 oz at birth, and has grown to 4 lb 10 oz for her one month birthday. She is gentle, sweet, and snuggly! We believe she will maintain her light coloring as she gets older. (NOTE: in her younger photos, she was designated with a "teal" marker.)

Mr. Teal

Mr. Teal is Mr. Personality! This guy loves to explore and play with his fellow pups and every person with whom he comes in contact. Our sweet boy was 1 lb. at birth and now weighs 5 lb. 3 oz. He looks to be a moderate to darker golden color in adulthood. (NOTE: in his younger photos, he was designated with the "brown" marker.)

Miss Pink

Sassy and sweet, Miss Pink is our fun loving puppy who's always ready for a new adventure. She loves to explore, play, wrestle, snuggle, and is always the first to come running when she hears humans approaching. Weighing 1 lb, 1 oz at birth, Miss Pink is now 5 lb. 7 oz and will be a moderate golden color at maturity.

Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue is a people pleaser! He loves to follow you around and snuggle up in your lap or pressed up against your legs if you're sitting anywhere nearby. Weighing 1 lb at birth, Mr. Blue is now 4 lb, 15 oz. He too, looks to maintain a moderate golden shade in adulthood.

Mr. Black

Mr. Black was our strapping 1 lb 2 oz puppy at birth, now 4 lb 13 oz. These photos don't do him justice as Mr. Black is the darkest of our pups and will likely darken to a deep golden shade as he grows. This guy is full of personality, loves to play and is always looking for someone to wrestle. He was also the first to chase a ball!

Mr. Orange

The lightest of our pups, Mr. Orange is affectionately known as our little "snowball." He was 15 oz at birth and currently tips the scale at 4 lb, 11oz. This guy is a gentle, sweet, cuddle-lover who's always ready for a good nap!

Mr. Red

Easily the second lightest of the boy, Mr. Red will grow to be a light shade of golden. 1 lb at birth, he's now 5 lbs, 1oz. Like Mr. Orange, this guy is also a cuddler who would like nothing more than to go exploring then crawl into your lap for a good snuggle and nap!

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