We are so excited to have added Summits Liberty Lumberjack at Shadalane to our pack! Jack came to us all the way from Wisconsin and we are privileged to be co-owning him with our friends Alan Gunther and Beth Johnson.

Grandson of Freedom (America's #1 Golden 2014 & 2015, Show Dog Hall of Fame) and Chloe (Most BISS Wins Breed History, only golden with Platinum 2 title, Show Dog Hall of Fame), his mom, Teddy, is also an AKC Champion and his dad, Sage, is an AKC Grand Champion in the Show Dog Hall of Fame. You can explore more of Jack's incredible pedigree here.


He's just a baby now, but you'll find him on the show circuit soon! OFA and Paw Print Genetics results coming in 2021. 

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