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Happy Independence Day!

Liberty Pup

Happy Independence Day from Liberty and her puppies!

Our little goldens are really coming into their own this week. They are truly giving us glimpses of the dogs they will be, both in looks and personality. A constant joy, these girls and boys love to play! We've begun basic potty training, with most of our puppies now waiting to do #2 until they're outside in the grass. (Still working on #1... lots of boys! Lol.)

The puppies are now eating Puria Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice with water and absolutely loving it. Each real-food feeding lasts roughly 90 minutes. We eat outside, potty outside, play outside, then come inside for more play and nap time. We eat 3 times a day and take nice long naps after each eat and play time... and still nurse from time to time as Liberty desires.

These golden retriever puppies are 5 weeks old today. Two of our boys are still available, and we look forward to seeing our new puppy families at our puppy visit day next week!

Below, enjoy some photos of our pups celebrating the 4th of July, followed by an individual shot of each puppy. And be sure to Like us on Facebook for daily photo updates!

And now, for the individual shots...

Miss Purple

Still our little sweetheart, Miss Purple is a quietly mischievous puppy...

Mr. Black

This adorable little man is ready to play all day...

Mr. Green

Still our gentle giant, this fella loves to cuddle and explore...

Mr. Blue

Our lover of life, this guy loves to wrestle, loves to eat, and loves to cuddle...

Mr. Orange

Still our little snowball, this guy is a cuddler extraordinaire...

Miss Pink

Always excited, ready for a new adventure, loves giving kisses & is worn out!

Mr. Teal

This dude is always on the run. Wrestling & playing are his favorites...

Mr. Red

Mister chill, this guy is always the first to look for a cool spot for a good nap...

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