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9 Months Old!

Liberty and Bear's 2018 litter are 9 months old already! It has been a joy watching them grow up and hearing stories from each of their wonderful families... so we thought we'd share some of that joy with you!

Solo (Mr. Teal)

Solo is a big boy! A big, smart, handsome, lovable goof who loves to wake up his mom by licking her face every morning...

Tucker (Mr. Orange)

Still the spittin image of his mom, Tucker is a big, fluffy boy who loves to run, play fetch, go to the park, dig in the mud, and pester his big brother, Koda...

Kobe (Mr. Red)

This Instagram star (@kobe.bear.z) loves tug-of-war, being outdoors and especially playing in the snow. Kobe is getting ready for his Canine Good Citizen test and is known as the "gentle giant" of his obedience class.

Arlo (Mr. Black)

Arlo loves to play with everyone, all the time! He's a happy go lucky guy and will be beginning his obedience classes this month...

River and Ryder (Mr. Green and Mr. Blue - AKA, the boys)

These fellas recently passed their latest phase in therapy dog training! River is still the gentle guy who loves to cuddle, while Ryder brings the personality of the two...

Phoenix (Miss Pink)

This sweet girl loves to zoom around the yard, wrestle with her best friend Meika, and always wants to be where her humans are...

Belle (Miss Purple)

Belle recently achieved her AKC Rally Novice title, and is currently getting ready for her Canine Good Citizen. She loves to EAT, wrestle with mom, visit the dog park, go for walks, and enjoys morning snuggles!

2019 litter update coming soon... stay tuned!

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