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6 month old puppies!

Liberty and Ruckus' summer 2019 litter are now 6 months old! We can't believe how big - and cute - they are already! Below are some fun photos and updates from their families.

Tuck (Mr. Blue / Captain America)

Tuck is an outstanding puppy. He's a big, lovable boy. His favorite toys are his various ropes. He flips them around like a madman and plays tug-a-war like a champ. He likes to steal blankets and clothing. He loves to be outside and ginger snaps cookies.

Banyan (Mr. Red / Iron Pup)

Banyan is a very happy, very big boy! He weighs over 60 pounds now and loves all people. He tries his best to smile for the camera every time we take photos of him. He can't stay away from his cat which we are extremely grateful for. He's the best boy ever and we could never live without him.

Murphy (Mr. Black / Spidey Pup)

Murphy is a cuddle bug that loves long walks in the park, hiking with mom and dad, and hanging out with his kitty brother. He is the sweetest boy and is growing like a weed!


Pepper is a sweet, rambunctious girl. Her favorite things are to taunt and wrestle with her big sister Belle and steal clothes, blankets and pillows and drag them through the house or into the back yard. She is currently training for her first obedience title.

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