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6 weeks old already!

What a fun week of puppies!

Our friend Rose Finley from The Focus Photography came all the way from Pennsylvania to play with... errrr... take pictures of the cuties! We can't wait to share some adorable shots of each individual puppy with you later this week - until then, enjoy the sneak peak in this gallery, then be sure to scroll down for more about our growth in our 6th week!

Our golden retriever puppies continued to make great progress this week.

They are now consistently holding their poops through the night and saving them for outside! The puppies also went for their first and second swims this week and absolutely loved it... almost as much as they loved rolling in the dirt afterwards. And yes, there is a video including swimming puppies coming soon! ;-)

ProPlan Puppy Chicken and Rice is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. Everyone is enjoying eating the soggy pebbles after they soak 6-7 minutes.

Two of our boys are still available. A family visit and puppy selection day is scheduled for this week - contact us today to secure your puppy!

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