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Is a Golden Retriever Right for You?

He's cute, he's cuddly... but is a golden retriever puppy the best choice for your family?

Everybody loves a golden retriever puppy! They star in movies and commercials because they capture our hearts and make us go "awwwww!" the second we see them.

Golden retrievers are loving, kind, compassionate, and amazing family dogs.

If you're thinking of buying a golden retriever puppy, here are some factors you should consider:

1. They like (need) to play. A LOT!

2. They shed. A LOT!

3. They adore children... and they require almost as much attention.

4. They're super smart - if you don't challenge their brains, they'll challenge yours!

5. They can get really big.

But that's not all! Our friends at The Golden Retriever Club of America have complied a great article outlining these considerations and more. Be sure to read it if you're considering adding a golden puppy to your family!


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