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3 Month Old Puppies

All of our pups are now home!

We're so grateful for their new families who continue to send us updates and pictures of Liberty & Bear's litter as they grow. Officially 14 weeks this past Wednesday, everybody's well over 20lbs now, with our "little" Solo tipping the scales at 30lbs already!

Each of these guys and gals are enjoying their new lives and adjusting well to the new adventures which await them each day. Below are a few shots of everyone growing up - enjoy!

River & Ryder (Mr. Green & Mr. Blue) - enjoying the cool evenings in northern Utah!

Tucker (Mr. Orange) - enjoying the Las Vegas life with big brother, Koda!

Kobe (Mr. Red) - learned to paddle board at Lake Tahoe like a champ!

Phoenix (Miss Purple) - the little princess is enjoying her new home!

Solo (Mr. Teal) - loving the Vegas life with Bear, his big sister!

Arlo (Mr. Black) - once a character, always a character!

Belle (Miss Pink) - Belle will be staying with us here at Liberty Golden Retrievers, and we look forward to entering her in the show ring early next year!

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