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Home Sweet Home!

And then there were 2... all of Liberty and Bear's boys from our 2018 litter are now at their forever homes! Our 2 girls will stay with us a few weeks longer as we finalize which we will be keeping as a show puppy.

We are absolutely thrilled with all of the amazing families who have taken home our little ones! Here's just a little glimpse of their transitions...

Solo (Mr. Teal)

In a galaxy not so far away...

We're excited to have Solo living just a few miles from us! This guy has transitioned to his new life as little brother to his big sister, Bear, like a champ. Not a single accident since leaving us at just over 8 weeks!

"He and Bear (older family golden) are finally playing together and he still hasn't had any accidents so he is a smart boy... Solo put his head on her last night so I'm sure they will be friends... we will bring him back to visit."

River (Mr. Green) and Ryder (Mr. Blue)

Or, as we came to call them, "the brothers"...

River and Ryder are living in the Salt Lake area, where they enjoy the crisp, cool mornings and naps by their kiddie pool. These little dudes will soon be in training to serve with Intermountain Therapy Services and we couldn't be more excited about the hope and joy they will soon be bringing to so many families!

"Into this adventure less than a week and they have taken over the kitchen, backyard, porch and our hearts!! We really do have jobs!!! We would much rather be with the boys..."

Jack (Mr. Black)

Jack is another of our puppies who will be living in the Las Vegas area. He's still a little stinker, but a very loveable one at that! He took to his new family immediately and even drove the whole way to his new home without a fuss or a wimper! Another potty-training star, Jack too, has had no accidents since going home!

"He is a lover. My mom had another puppy sleepover last night and they had a ball... he is playing with everyone. We made a makeshift pool and he loves it... we found out we can't keep a self feeding water dish. Haha! But he is so dang fluffy and cute that it doesn't matter."

Tucker (Mr. Orange)

Also a Las Vegas native, Tucker's taken up residence with his big brother Koda in the southern part of the city. He LOVES his big brother and they play together like best buds already. Tucker's already figured out how to use his doggy door, too!

Check out this great video of them enjoying some swim time:

Kobe (Mr. Red)

Kobe had the most exciting transition of our pups, flying all the way to San Jose to meet his new family! A flying ace, Kobe did great on his Southwest Airlines adventure, has been adjusting well to his northern California life, and looks forward to visiting Lake Tahoe soon!

"He found something to remember u guys by - his favorite nap spot is under the table. He did really well last night too. He didn't cry that long and no accidents. Woo hoo! Our vet was very impressed with your binder. She said it was a sign of a good breeder. Thought I'd pass it on..."

One of our girls, Phoenix, will be headed to... drum roll please... Phoenix, where she'll enjoy a great big back yard and ginormous swimming pool. The other, Belle, will remain as part of our family and will be preparing to enter the show ring early next year.

Thank you for following along on our 2018 litter's journey! Be sure to "Like" us on Facebook for continued updates and pictures of our little guys with their new families, and contact us if you'd like to be placed on our waiting list for a golden retriever puppy from our 2019 litter!

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